Designed to help you build the foundation + confidence for a 7-figure Airbnb business that generates more profit and gets you out of the day to day in 90 days or less. 
For Ambition Airbnb Entrepreneurs Looking To Grow
Imagine If…
  • you didn’t feel overwhelmed and you could free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.
  • you had the systems and people in place so that you can go on a holiday without your business coming to a halt.
  • you could automate and outsource your communications so you never personally have to respond to any Airbnb messages.
  • you had clear communication standards with your owners so they stop bugging you.
  • you developed a system to keep your cleaners accountable and motivate them to drive consistent 5 Star ratings and not mess up.
Want to make this reality?

The Power of Legends X...

Harrison Y, CEO of Beachbox
"The return on investment is exponential. We’ve already learned so much about how to operate our business better and in a more automated manner. It’s been extremely beneficial."
Josie G, CEO of Guest Please
"Eric and Jasper are amazing mentors who provided me with the tools, resources, a sense of clarity, a supportive online community and ultimately confidence…"
Karen L, CEO of Star Gazer Stays
"The training classes are EXTREMELY well done. Super job Jasper Ribbers and Eric D. Moeller! I definitely feel that so far this course was worth the investment."

Is this you? 

  • You’re doing well on Airbnb but you only have a few listings and you’re not sure how to scale.
  • You’re a superhost with lots of 5 star reviews but your business depends heavily on you and you’re stuck in the day-to-day.
  • You want to quit your day job and make a full-time income on Airbnb but you don’t know where to start.
  • ​You’re great at hosting but you feel lost when it comes to building your business and hiring the right people.
  • ​You manage a handful of listings but you’re not making a lot of profit.
If the statements above describe YOU...then Legends X Accelerator is the perfect solution for you. 

The Five Stages of Hosting  

If you’re a short-term rental host, you are in one of these Five Stages...
The Side-Hustle Host
  • Does a bit of everything, has no vision for their business.
  • Jumps on opportunities to make some $$$ as they come along.
  • Likes the idea of short-term rentals, but is not passionate about it.
The Traditional Host 
  • Loves hospitality and does a really good job at hosting.
  • Has one or a handful of units and wants to expand, but doesn’t know where to start.
  • Understands the hosting side, but not the business side.
The Hectic Host
  • Has scaled to 5-20 properties but lacks the systems and team members to grow.
  • Micro-manages, wants everything to be perfect, and feels overwhelmed and afraid to let-go of control.
  • Has created a stressful hosting job, but not a hosting business.
The Rising Star 
  • Has scaled to 10-20 properties and has operations under control.
  • Needs to dial in their systems and hire the right people in order to scale further.
  • Has some vision but isn’t 100% clear where to take the business.
The Legend
  • Has the right vision, systems, processes and team members in place to scale to 100+ properties.
  • Has the CEO mentality, focusses on managing their team and business acquisition.
  • Can go on a holiday without affecting the day-to-day operations.
Which type of host are you?
During the 90-day Legends X Accelerator, we’ll help you build the foundation to become a Rising Star or Legend, making $1 million+ on Airbnb, so you can have more time, make more money, and have more freedom.

Our Legends X Students Are LOVING it...

Cynthia Tant
“Legends X was the best thing I could ever have imagined, during the program I’ve added two properties of my own and I will start managing another six.”
Liam Carolan
“Legends X has completely changed my business, I’m the most excited about my business now since I started.”
Sergio Castaneda
“Joining the Legends X program has been THE best decision I’ve made for my business. I might sign-up again.” 
When you join Legends X, you’ll be given access to 12 modules that are dripped out week-by-week, so you have time to learn and implement before going onto the next step.
Being a short-term rental entrepreneur can be lonely. But when you join the Legends X community, you’ll be placed in an accountability pod with 5-7 other hosts who run a similar business as you. You’ll feel inspired, motivate, and you’ll make friends for life. 
When you join Legends X, you’ll be assigned to your own dedicated accountability coach, who is responsible for tracking your progress, helping you get unstuck, and holding you accountable EVERY single week. You’ll get the raw feedback you need to get results.
Every month we do a group call where you’ll get high-level feedback from a 7-figure coach to map out your strategy and vision for your business. You won’t find this type of advice anywhere else.
No more guessing and wondering if you`re doing the right things. Simply follow our step-by-step blueprint used by 100s of existing short-term rental companies that manage anywhere from 30 to over 250 units.
We hold weekly group coaching calls with your accountability pod to give customized, in-depth coaching. Daily support is also available anytime you post your questions in our private Slack group.

Why Choose Legends X

Legends X Is The Elite 90-Day Group Coaching Program 
For Growing Short-Term Rental Business Owners

Legends X Accelerator is More Than Just a Course…

  • Don’t have any way to track your progress or success, and have no system for accountability in place
  • Aren’t results driven - they just give you access to a collection of videos, then you’re on your own 
  • Give you information but no implementable processes and systems that actually save you time 
  • ​Include no live coaching calls and no daily customer support
  • Gives you a dedicated Accountability Coach who is responsible for tracking your progress, helping you get un-stuck and holding you accountable
  • Gives you plug & play systems that you can implement in your hosting business immediately
  • Created by people who have scaled AND sold 7-figure hosting businesses of over 100 units
  • ​Supports you with LIVE group coaching every week, as well as unlimited daily support

Hear What Our Students Are Saying...

Steven Schrembeck
“I’ve learned from other’s people’s mistakes so I don’t have to make them.”
Martin Near
“Jasper and Eric really take the time to talk to you and it’s been enlightening.” 
Amy Chai 
“I found the support, inspiration and guidance that I needed.”
Frank Narmer 
“I learned more than I had hoped for.”
David Wu 
“It was well worth the value for our business.”
Cynthia Tant 
“Jasper and Eric provided a ton of education and accountability.”

Legends X Accelerator Program Overview 

After working with 100's of the most successful hospitality brands in our industry, we’ve identified three pillars that every hosting business focuses on. 

We call this the VOS system: 
Vision, Operations, Scale. 

Our Pillars.

Pillar 1: Vision 

It all starts with vision. If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t get to where you want to be. 
Module 1: Vision & goals - We’ll help you develop a clear vision for your hosting business so that it’s clear to you AND everyone else where you want to go. You’ll go through our process of putting your vision into words so that you can use it to guide the decisions you make in your business. 

You’ll go through our goal setting process to not only set realistic and ambitious goals, but also maximize the chance that you’ll achieve them. 
Module 2: Brand - Through our branding exercise you will define who you are, who you serve, why you serve them and how you serve them. You’ll develop a brand that will set you apart from your competition and attracts the right owners, partners and guests into your hosting business. 
Module 3: Bottlenecks - We will help you figure out where your biggest bottleneck in your business is right now, so you’ll bee able to solve it and free up time for you to work ON your business.

Pillar 2: Operations

Once you’ve determined what type of hosting business you want to build, it’s now time to focus on your operations. We’re going to help you free up your time so you can work ON the business and not IN the business. 
Module 4: Systems - We’ll introduce you to the Legends X Playbook, a customized system to document all your processes and SOPs that will become the foundation of your business. We analyse every single task that you perform in your business and create a system around it. A process that results in the same outcome, regardless of who executes it. 

You’ll go through our process to analyse every task you currently perform in your business. We then help you decide which tasks you want to keep doing, and which ones to take off your plate. We’ll either simplify, automate or outsource to free up your time. 
Module 5: People  - Now that your systems are in place, we can start hiring the right people to take over the work so you can scale your business. You’ll get access to our proven system to find, hire and train virtual assistants to take over the bulk of your operations. We’ll also provide you with our Ultimate Hiring System to help you hire higher-level employees. With our job-score card templates you’ll be able to effectively train, evaluate and manage your employees and create your scalable team.
Module 6: Technology - We’ll help you determine the perfect technology stack for your hosting business so that you can minimize the workload and maximize results.
Module 7: Customer Service - You’ll get access to our proven customer service system that will be run completely by your virtual assistants. You won’t have to deal with any guests anymore, unless you choose to.
Module 8: Cleaning & Owner Management - Implement clear standards for your cleaners and setup your system to drive 5 star cleaning ratings and keep your cleaners accountable. 
You’ll develop standards and guidelines for your owners so that they stop looking over your shoulder and let you do what you do best: running your business. Their only job is to collect a check at the end of the month.

Pillar 3: Scale 

Module 9: Revenue Management - We’ll give you the tools and education to implement your revenue management strategy that will maximize revenue for your portfolio.
Module 10: Marketing  - We’ll provide you with our proven blueprint to build high converting Airbnb listings. You’ll get access to our system to collect guest information and setup a re-targeting campaign to drive direct bookings and build up your customer base.
Module 11: Business Development - We’ll help you craft a converting sales pitch and teach you how to communicate with confidence to acquire more units.
Module 12: Money - You’ll learn how to stay lean and profitable by minimizing expenses and operating efficiently. We’ll teach you how to understand exactly where your profit is coming from and have your books in order.

What You'll Get When You Join Legends X:

90-day Legends X Accelerator Training Program
The elite coaching group for short-term rental operators to help you get free from the weeds and grow your business... in 90 days. 

If you’re ready to scale the right way without the overwhelm, this is the program for you!
Daily Slack Support 
You’ll connect with your accountability pod and coach on a daily basis in Slack to remove roadblocks and get the support you need.
Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls
During the weekly calls, you’ll get direct advice from your coach, feedback from your peers, and the accountability you need to get the results you want. 

Monthly LIVE Strategy Call 
On these high-level calls we’ll make sure you are moving in the right direction and that what you’re working on aligns with your vision for your company. 

In Addition, You'll Get Access To:

The Legends X Playbook

A customized system to document all your processes and SOPs that will become the foundation of your business.

The Virtual Assistant Scaling System

Step-by-step blueprint that will help you scale to 100+ units outsourcing 85% of the work to Virtual Assistants.

The Legends X Tech Stack

We’ve put together the best tools in the industry that you can use to run your hosting business like a machine AND we’ve secured VIP customer support for our students.
Done-For-You Templates

Save valuable time and use our templates to build your message flows, contracts, cleaning checklists, credibility package, income projection reports, listing creation process, and much more.
The Ultimate Hiring System

A collection of templates, systems and documents that you can easily implement in your business to attract, hire and train high-level employees. 
Blueprint For A High-Converting Airbnb Listing

Use this system to get more bookings and pass off to a team member to create future listings. 
Uncover Hidden Money On Airbnb

Airbnb might owe you money! Follow this step-by-step guide to find 'withheld' payments with Airbnb that are just waiting for you to collect on...
If you are ready to create a successful hospitality brand in the next 90 days…

Our Mission & Core Values.

Imagine implementing a step-by-step proven system on how to turn other peoples properties into your own real estate wealth
Imagine implementing a step-by-step proven system on how to turn other peoples properties into your six-figure income

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