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"From Hectic Host to Millionaire Manager"

Imagine If…
  • you didn’t feel overwhelmed and you could free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.
  • you had the systems and people in place so that you can go on a holiday without your business coming to a halt.
  • you could automate and outsource your communications so you never personally have to respond to any Airbnb messages.
  • you had clear communication standards with your owners so they stop bugging you.
  • you developed a system to keep your cleaners accountable and motivate them to drive consistent 5 Star ratings and not mess up.
Want to make this reality?

The Power of Legends X...

The Five Stages of Hosting  

If you’re a short-term rental host, you are in one of these Five Stages...
The Traditional Host (1-2 listings)
This is the type of host that Airbnb had in mind when they started the company.
  • Typically rents out a spare room, their own property during vacations, or a vacation home.
  • Enjoys the extra cash but has no intention to build a hosting business.
  • Does all the work themselves and has no systems or team members.
The Side-Hustle Host (2-5 listings)
This is a host who learned the potential to make money on Airbnb and now wants to expand.
  • Jumps on every opportunity to add a new listing when it comes along.
  • Has no vision or brand behind what they’re doing.
  • Wants to build a real business but has no idea how.
The Hectic Host (5-20 listings)
This is a host who’s added enough units that it’s no longer a side hustle, but a full-time job.
  • Does the majority of the daily tasks themselves and has no systems and team members in place to delegate work.
  • Wants to scale, but can’t handle the additional workload that comes with adding more units.
  • Does a great job at hosting but needs help building a real business and brand.
The Rising Star (5-25 listings)
This host has created systems and hired team members and is ready to scale to 25+ properties.
  • Has a CEO mentality and is in the process of taking themselves out of the day-to-day operations.
  • Has a clear vision on where they want to take their hosting business.
  • Has systems in place to delegate low level tasks to their team members.
The Legend (25+ units)
This is a hosting business owner with 25+ properties under management focused on scaling to 100+ units.
  • Doesn’t do any low level tasks, spends their time managing their team and working ON their business.
  • Can take vacations without their business coming to a halt.
  • Has the right team members in the right seats who run the business based on systems.
Which type of host are you?
During the 90-day Legends X Accelerator, we’ll help you build the foundation to become a Rising Star or Legend, making $1 million+ on Airbnb, so you can have more time, make more money, and have more freedom.

The Power of Legends X

What You'll Get When You Join Legends X:

90-day Legends X Accelerator Training Program
The elite coaching group for short-term rental operators to help you get free from the weeds and grow your business... in 90 days. 

If you’re ready to scale the right way without the overwhelm, this is the program for you!
Daily Slack Support 
You’ll connect with your accountability pod and coach on a daily basis in Slack to remove roadblocks and get the support you need.
Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls
During the weekly calls, you’ll get direct advice from your coach, feedback from your peers, and the accountability you need to get the results you want. 

Monthly LIVE Strategy Call 
On these high-level calls we’ll make sure you are moving in the right direction and that what you’re working on aligns with your vision for your company. 

In Addition, You'll Get Access To:

The Legends X Playbook

A customized system to document all your processes and SOPs that will become the foundation of your business.

The Virtual Assistant Scaling System

Step-by-step blueprint that will help you scale to 100+ units outsourcing 85% of the work to Virtual Assistants.

The Legends X Tech Stack

We’ve put together the best tools in the industry that you can use to run your hosting business like a machine AND we’ve secured VIP customer support for our students.
Done-For-You Templates

Save valuable time and use our templates to build your message flows, contracts, cleaning checklists, credibility package, income projection reports, listing creation process, and much more.
The Ultimate Hiring System

A collection of templates, systems and documents that you can easily implement in your business to attract, hire and train high-level employees. 
Blueprint For A High-Converting Airbnb Listing

Use this system to get more bookings and pass off to a team member to create future listings. 
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