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You might be a good host, 
but your pricing sucks!
What You'll Learn...
  • What Airbnb hosts get wrong about pricing
  • How this is costing you THOUSANDS of dollars in bookings each year
  • What you should do if YOU are making these mistakes
This e-book...
  • Designed For Hosts Of All Sizes
  • ​No "Revenue Management" Experience Required
  • Works For Airbnb And All Other OTAs 
Yes, show me how to avoid these revenue management mistakes!!!



Jasper began his Airbnb journey in 2012, traveling across 100 countries and managing properties from four. By 2014, he authored "Get Paid For Your Pad", a key guide for Airbnb hosts, and launched a globally recognized podcast with 1.5 million downloads.

Eric, boasting 15 years in real estate, honed in on short-term rentals in San Diego in 2016, managing over 100 properties. Along with Jasper, he co-founded Freewyld, an innovative hospitality brand aiming for 20-25 US-based tiny home communities, starting in Idyllwild, California.

Together in 2019, they created Overnight Success, the leading educational platform in the Short-Term Rental (STR) space. Identifying hosts' scaling challenges, they introduced Legends X, a game-changing training program. 
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