Ready to future proof your STR business and thrive?
[ Before we keep going, I want to make sure you've read the recessionPROOF guide... ]
[ The way you host and the way you do everything, just changed. ]
How you adapt to this new environment in the next few weeks and months is going to determine whether you will stay in business. Those who move fast will be the ones to take advantage of the opportunity that every crisis brings
Travel has changed overnight. The guest is no longer looking for a leisure or business stay. The guest now is seeking a mid-term experience. If you don’t adapt your marketing to this you will miss the great change in our industry. 
You have to act fast, this is not the time to be behind the curve. You have to be emotionally ok with this new reality and take a pragmatic approach. You need to have a plan that you can execute on before others do. 
You can leverage this crisis to do things that you normally wouldn’t think you’re capable of. The largest number of millionaires were created during the Great Depression. 
The times that anyone can make money in the STR industry are gone. Like most entrepreneurs in other industries, you have to have a solid business plan, hire the right people for the right job, and have systems in place to run your business efficiently. The days of listing on Airbnb and making money in your sleep are gone. 
I didn't expect this to happen when it did. 
It was clear that the music would stop playing at some point, but we didn’t expect this to happen this fast. However, the time is now and hosts like you and me are the ones to allow for the historic transition of the hospitality industry.


You have a short-term rental business that is struggling right now.
You want to make sure you can weather the storm and come out stronger than when it started.
You want to develop streams of booking income NOW not dependant on Airbnb
You want to have control over your STR business and your income no matter what the economy does
You want to be working ON your business instead of IN your business
You want a community of other short-term rental hosts along with leadership from experts in the STR industry to mentor you along your path
You want to cut your learning curve by leveraging the experience of STR business owners who have walked that path before you
You want to future proof your STR business and ensure that nothing, including a recession, will stop you from sharing your passion for hospitality with your guests.
You want to future proof your business and ensure that nothing, including a recession will stop you from sharing your knowledge, expertise, talent and savvy with your customers.
[ Private Facebook Group Community ]
You will get access to our Private Facebook group allowing you to connect with other short-term rental profit hosts and have the latest of what's happening, what's working and the ability to get advisory, quickly. 
[ Weekly LIVE industry expert training ]
This is a unique opportunity for you to ask direct questions to top experts in the short-term rental space.  We bring on CEOs, founders, and leaders in the space. 
[ Two LIVE Q&As per week with Eric & Jasper ]
Ensuring that you have exactly what you need, on top of the training we're providing inside of the Facebook Group, we're going to be hosting live trainings to cover everything you need, A-Z.

You'll have the ability to jump on with us live and ask questions direct to Eric, Jasper, other members, and guest experts.
[ ALL recordings of past expert trainings ]
Over the last few months alone, we've covered:
  • Using Email Marketing To Build A Solid Stream Of Repeat Guests
  • ​Blueprint of a high-converting direct bookings website
  • ​How to implement and optimize your guest screening process to reduce your risk, avoid chargebacks and keep the bad guests out
  • ​How to find, hire and train Virtual Assistants to work IN your business so that you can work ON your business
  • ​Bonus Resources that you can download and use right away
[ One-one-one strategy call ]
To help you get kick-started into the Inner Circle, you'll do a one-on-one strategy call with Jasper Ribbers to talk about your business, your goals, and how you can get there.
$1,997 Value - NOTE: Only available with the Annual Membership
While this program is based on helping you get short-term wins and cashflow, we're also including access to the Short-Term Profit Academy; THE program for starting and growing a short-term rental business to help you build a solid foundation.
[ Choose The Annual Access Option and Get These BONUSES ]
  • How to launch and scale an STR management business
  • Automation Freedom Courses 
  • ​Accountability Success System
  • ​Tools & Resources
  • ​Over 10 hours of video material
[ Trainings that you can watch RIGHT now when you join! ]
We record every weekly training we do in the Inner Circle. That means that the moment you join, you get direct access to all of the past trainings.  Here are a few trainings available immediately:
Using Email Marketing To Build A Solid Stream Of Repeat Guests
  • How you can use email to not only make your past guests want to come back and stay with you again but also recommend your place to their networks at no cost to you
  • Simple and effective ways to collect your guest’s REAL email addresses AND what to email them to make them want to come back and stay with you again
  • How to use FREE software to automatically send your guests emails when they are most likely to want to stay with you again
  • How to turn your past guests into ambassadors who will recommend your place to their networks
  • How to get the phone numbers of all your past Airbnb guests and how to reach out to them without having to individually message each guest
Blueprint of a high-converting direct bookings website
  • How you can easily setup your own direct booking website and avoid the hefty Airbnb service fees
  • How you can use a direct booking website to set your own cancellation policy that you control
  • How to use a Facebook page to drive bookings to your direct booking website
  • How to create a direct booking website that converts viewers into bookers
How to implement and optimize your guest screening process to reduce your risk, avoid chargebacks and keep the bad guests out
  • How to implement an effective guest screening process to identify potential troublemakers
  • How to avoid chargebacks and make sure you get paid
  • Five things you can do to prevent your guests from damaging your property
  • How to protect your business from fraudsters
How to find, hire and train Virtual Assistants to work IN your business so that you can work ON your business
  • How to use a Virtual Assistant to free up time so you can focus on where your business needs you most
  • Simple and effective way to train your Virtual Assistant such that you will receive zero questions
  • Different ways to hire a Virtual Assistant 
  • Overview of tasks that you can outsource to your Virtual Assistants (hint: almost everything)
  • Learn from someone who manages over 100 units and spends less than two hours a week working in her hosting business 
Bonus Resources that you can download and use right away
  • Guest screening checklist that you can use to keep the bad guests out
  • Short-term rental agreement template that you can use to start accepting direct bookings under your own terms
  • Coronavirus Survival Kit: Training, swipe copy, checklists, database of travel nurses, list of Facebook groups to join, and more.
And more being added every week!
This isn't just content...
We're giving you all the support, the knowledge, the community and the strategy you need, right now. 
It's time to have complete clarity.
Today, you're getting this for FAR less than we should be selling it, however, we wanted it accessible to everyone.


Get started TODAY for a low as $97 a month. The best part is there are no contracts
If you are unhappy with our STRPA Inner Circle you can cancel anytime.
W H O   I S   E R I C ?
Founder, Airbnb Mastery Summit
Founder, STR Profit Academy & STR Legends Mastermind
Eric D. Moeller is the founder and host of the Airbnb Mastery Summit where he personally interviews top experts in Airbnb, short-term rentals and real estate from all around the world.

Founder of Short-term Rental Profit Academy and the STR Legends Mastermind.

Born and raised to a blue-collar family in New Jersey, Eric got his first taste of real estate investing at the early age of seventeen when he was mentored by a local investor. She taught him the ins and outs of real estate investing and by the age of nineteen, Eric purchased his first property.

Over the years, Eric went on to purchase, renovate and sell hundreds of homes throughout New Jersey.

In 2016, Eric made the move to sunny San Diego to launch Homtel, an Airbnb co-hosting, leasing, and investment company that specializes in hosting the most unique homes in the most unique parts of the world. He was quickly named an Airbnb Superhost and is currently managing listings throughout Southern California and is quickly expanding into new markets.
W H O   I S   J A S P E R ?
Founder, GetPaidForYourPad
Founder, STR Profit Academy & STR Legends Mastermind
Jasper is the co-founder and host of STR Legends. He's also the author, founder and host of Get Paid For Your Pad, the leading resource on Airbnb hosting, as well as the co- founder and Chief Student Happiness Officer of STR Profit Academy.

[ NOW is the time for you to do this... ]

We've put together, everything you need to 
grow your short-term rental business...
  • Every day that goes by that you're not using the right strategies, tactics, frameworks to run your business...
  • Every day that goes by that you're not making the right choices...
  • ​Every day that you don't have a community that understands...
  • ​Every day that your mindset isn't on point...
  • ​Every day that you're not being guided by the top of the industry...
Is a day wasted, an opportunity wasted.
Don't just survive... THRIVE!


The Inner Circle is designed to bring value to any host. Any size. 
Regardless if you host one or a hundred listings, this community is for you.

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